I am Adhitya Mohan, I program sometimes, most of the time I am just anxious about something or another. I have an apt for some topics on politics and economics, even though my true love has always been in Technology. I have been telling myself I want to blog for the past 10 years, but either out of sheer laziness, fear of public ridicule or as coming across as pretentious prick, I never took it seriously. But this year I decided to do things a bit differently and explore new things. This being one of them. For background I am pursuing a degree in B.sc Informatik(Computer Science) at TH Bingen, and work on some open source projects on the side. I can speak English pretty well, and my German is well gut für einen Ausländer. If you think I made a mistake please be nice enough to point it out, by sending me an email or pinging one of my social, but please don’t yell.

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